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Fixed Deposits

Which mode of communication can be used for sending the request to the company?

The request for change of address, duly signed by the FD holder / authorized person, should be sent to the Company by post or by fax. Request for change of address sent through e-mail will not be processed by the Company. However, a scanned copy of the signed letter requesting for change of address can be sent by e-mail at for further processing.

Can I request for temporary change in my address?

Change of address once recorded by the Company is used for all future correspondence with the investor. There is however no restriction on the number of times an investor can request for change of his address in Company records. In case there is temporary change in your address, you can send a request for change of address again once you move to your permanent address.

What is the procedure to get change of address recorded with the Company?

Kindly, send a request letter to the Corporate Office of the Company at Fixed Deposit Section, Yash Papers Limited, Yash Nagar, Faizabad – 224 135, Uttar Pradesh, India, providing new address along with old address. The request letter must be signed by first applicant in case of individual F.D holders and by authorized signatories in case of Company, trust, body corporate or power of attorney holder as per specimen signatures recorded with the Company. In case of change in the authorized signatories, request letter must be duly supported by board resolution/ trust deed.