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Paper Machine 3 creates a new speed record

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5th Board Meeting Held in Lucknow
Mr. Shankarshan Shukla, participated in “Relevance of Chemical Engineering in Academia & Industry" seminar
Mr Ved Krishna participated at the National Conference in his hometown, Faizabad
Team YCL participated in Restaurant and Catering Show (RECA) 2018
4th Board Meeting of FY 2018-19 & AGM held at Hotel Vijay Intercontinental, Kanpur

Paper Machine 3 creates a new speed record

Our R&D conducts field trial for banana fiber pulping. The results have been found encouraging and we look forward to a longer run in next season.

Our R&D team creates plan for a new centralized laboratory. This will enable us to organize our equipment better and provide more focus on new research and development.

Our Raw Material team experiments with loose dry storage of bagasse through creating large compact heaps to avoid oxygen reaction and damage to fiber properties.

Our Raw Material team does tie ups for bagasse purchase for the ensuing year to ensure enough fiber availability throughout the year. We thank our suppliers for the same.

Our Raw Material team improved yard quality through brick soling and also sets a remote depither for wet storage trials post depithing.

Our pulping operations stabilize and create new record of dispatching over 600 tons of market pulp in February along with meeting needs of our own paper operations.

Our pulping team improves the cleaning of pulp further by making changes to screening system.

Project team completes paper machine 1 and paper machine 2 modification jobs on time. Both machines have been provided with new head boxes and grinding of drying cylinder has been carried out. We look forward to providing our customers with improved quality in our paper.

Paper Machine 3 creates a new speed record by reaching a draw of over 3.2 tons an hour. We look forward to consistent performance of this productivity.

Our team go through working on annual plans and capex budget plans. We look forward to an improved performance in the coming year.

Mr. Sumant Pai joins us as Head of HR. Sumant has a wonderful experience of managing a variety of teams as an executive producer in bollywood. We look forward to working with him.