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Board of Directors

Manjula Jhunjhunwala

Ms Jhunjhunwala is our founder director. As our founder Mr KK Jhunjhunwala always said 'the business is here because of her. She sold her jewellery to provide the seed capital to her husband to establish the business'.

Ms Jhunjhunwala is a revered educationist and philanthropist. She has built a great name in the field of early education through Jingle Bells Nursery Schools Society. Her passion is to build a better nation for the future generations and works tirelessly towards the same.

KD Pudumjee

Mr Pudumjee is one of the most inquisitive minds you will ever meet. He is our guiding light.

Mr Pudumjee owned and built Pudumjee Pulp and Paper Mills in Pune, India. Pudumjee mills became the frontrunner for specialty paper in the country and brought in numerous path breaking technologies and developments. Mr Pudumjee was in the forefront of the growth. He is well known as a maverick and is extremely particular about details. We say in the board that nothing escapes KDP he keeps us on track.

Narendra Agrawal

Yash Papers is blessed to benefit from Narendra’s eighteen years of rich experience in projects.  His skills have enabled Yash to minimize downtime, enhance production operations, and improve operational efficiencies. He has a Bachelor of Engineering (Mechanical) from MNREC Allahabad in year 1993. In his personal time he enjoys reading and organizing for the care of children and elderly.

Ved Krishna

Our Vice Chairman is our eternal optimist. Nothing seems to bring him down. We have faced numerous hurdles during his stewardship and he just keeps going. He has a keen strategic mind and is always in search for innovative ways for building business. He has been with the organization for over 14 years and has grown the company over 4 times. We continue to have great plans for the future that are drawn with his guidance and he continuously enthuses the team to achieve more and more.